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Extra Range

Charge while driving

 Go farther for free with EV Solar Kits!  Solar Panels meant to harness clean energy to extend the range of your EV.  Charge in a completely renewable way, fill up where there's no charging station, and never worry about rising supercharger costs ever again! 



We offer a variety of kits to suit your charging needs. From a commuter kit that lets you charge while at work, to a full off-grid fast charging set up with an extendable panel array. 

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Electric Vehicle Problems

  • Limited Driving Range

  • Charging Time 

  • Expensive Range Upgrades 

  • Lack of Charging Infrastructure

  • Rising Energy Costs 

  • Charging with Fossil Fuels

  • Metropolitan Focus

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Why pay for charging stations when you can rely on the sun?

If you're like us, we invested in EV's because we believe in clean and renewable solar energy to keep us going. But relying on dispersed charging stations that use electricity generated from fossil fuels feels a bit too much like going to a gas station.  Get the most out of your EV with EV Solar Kits. 

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