We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About EVs

We're here to solve your EV range anxiety. Go farther with our EV Solar Kits! Batteries and Solar Panels meant to harness the cleanest energy in order to extend your Camping Vacation, Family Trip or neighborhood errand run!


We Deliver Exceptional Products - From a Standalone Battery for Additional Charge, to a Full EV Kit including Roof and Expandable Solar Panels

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Electric Vehicles

Are everywhere! Guess what's not...Charging Stations! We're here to solve that problem. Currently, our Roof Rack Solar Panels are positioned to fit all Tesla Model 3's, and our Batteries and Solar Panels Work with any EV to get you the most range possible anywhere in the world! 

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Extending the range of your EV on your own by purchasing a longer range model can be very cost prohibitive! Lean on us and our next gen battery technology. Instead of spending 20-30k on a longer range model (which will still need to rely on charging stations), we're offering a top of the line battery that can hold up to 30 miles of emergency charge and can be refilled via the solar panel roof rack or expandable options.

Solar Panels

Our solar panels are capable of extending your EV's range by up to 60 miles per day! That's a lot of extra range....


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Why rely on charging stations when you can rely on the sun?

If you're like us, we invested in EV's because we believe in clean and renewable solar energy to keep us going. But relying on dispersed charging stations feels a bit too much like having to find the local gas station, and can hamper any vacation when range anxiety is involved.