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About Us

Why search for charging stations when you can rely on the sun?

If you're like us, we invested in EV's because we believe in clean and renewable energy to keep us going. But relying on dispersed charging stations that use electricity produced from fossil fuels feels a bit too much like going to the gas station. 

So we set out to find something better. The problem was... it didn't exist. So we made it! Our products allow you to be truly energy independent anywhere in the world. All you need is the sun and a reason to drive!

Our rooftop kits are fully integrated with your car.  We make sure our kits do not void any manufacturer warranty and we offer a 6 year panel and inverter warranty as well.  We want to ensure that you never run out of charge, have to wait in line for a supercharger, or can't go somewhere because they don't have a charging network.    

Charge Anywhere!




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