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Our kits are very complicated and we know you have tons of questions about models, integration, installation, warranties, and more!  Before reaching out to us, take a look here and see if we can answer any of your questions faster!


We will continue to update this page with more answers as we get more questions in our contact form.  


How does installation work?

Will this void my warranty?

When can I expect  delivery? 

Will you have kits for other EVs soon?
Do your kits charge while driving?
What is your return policy? 
What is the warranty on your kits?
Are there anti-theft measures? 
Where do you ship your kits?
Does the kit make any wind noise?
What kind of panels are these?

All kits are designed to be installed by the customer! This installation process takes about 20 minutes and does not require any special tools.  It involves clipping in the rooftop panel and integrating the battery/inverter into the car.  There will be videos and an instruction manual provided! We will also have a network of installers around the country if you prefer to have it done that way. 

No! We take extra caution when designing our kits so that we do not tamper with the car's battery management system and the kit is 100% removable.  

We are working as fast as possible to start manufacturing and begin deliveries.  As of now we are anticipating deliveries in Q4 of this year.  We will do everything in our power to prevent supply chain delays.  

Yes! We plan on making kits for all major EV brands within the next 24 months.  As for now, our extendable kit works with any EV for stationary charging.  

Yes! All of our Commuter kits and Overland kits charge your car constantly, whether driving or parked, as long as there is sun! 

We offer 100% refunds on all orders before shipped.  If you get your kit we offer full refunds - the cost of shipping for the first 30 days. 

We offer a 6 year warranty on our kits to hold up against the elements and operate at high efficiency.  If there is a faulty part or poor performance we are happy to replace it for free. 

Yes! The kit requires a special tool for installation and once installed is heavily secured to your car.  The kit is also very low profile and should not attract attention.  This combined with sentry mode make for great theft deterrents.  

We are going to ship internationally from our launch! So if you are in Europe or Asia and very interested in our kits, you will find international shipping at checkout! 

No! Our kits do not make any wind noise and do not change the aerodynamics of your vehicle at all.  They are secured and can be driven upwards of 80mph safely. 

We are using black on black monocrystaline flex panels with 25% efficiency for top performance and durability.