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Lifestyle Aversion: Why We're Here

Like many of us in the EV community, we are equal parts blessed and tormented by the strengths and weaknesses of our new age vehicles. We are all fully aware of the limitations associated with EV ownership and yet, for most of us, it is one of the best financial and personal decisions we have made in our adult lives. EV adoption isn't just something that you can quantify on paper in terms of money save or trees planted, it is also a responsibility. Most of us know someone who has ran out of battery in their EV journey and hopefully we can laugh about it now. However, an even more serious side effect of EV ownership exists; lifestyle aversion.

Lifestyle aversion is almost like FOMO but for having an electric vehicle; it describes the inclination not to do something, an activity or errand, because you have an electric vehicle and have not properly prepared for the trip or there are no charging stations where you want to go. I experienced this weekly as an early EV owner in Tennessee (not the most EV friendly place in terms of terrain and charging infrastructure). If I wanted to go up into the mountains, go fishing, or visit someone in the more rural side of the state, I would always ask a friend to borrow their car. They would eagerly agree because that meant they could drive my Tesla for a day, but it was a problem that put a damper on my otherwise stellar experience with EVs. It was at this time that I was getting my masters in advertising with a focus in green energy adoption and became fully aware of the importance of solar power as a means of energy production both on the residential level and mass scale energy production. I thought the idea of energy independence was novel. Things don't all have to be connected to the same grid, which only hurts us as a society with outages and national security risks.

We ended up finding our product through these exact pain points. Portable solar charging kits for EVs. Seems obvious, doesn't it? But the amount of pushback we received was intense. We pitched our early concept to hundreds of investors and mentors who saw the ingenuity, but ultimately did not believe it was viable or desirable at this time. Yet, here we are now, backed by some incredible people and an even more incredible community who knows that this product can help them and countless others adopt to EV ownership. At the end of the day, this product has a clear ROI, but it's about more than money. These kits allow you to be more comfortable and confident while traveling, drive using 100% clean energy, and explore places you wouldn't have explored before.

At the crux of it all, EVSK is a lifestyle company and we fully endorse adventure.


Charge Anywhere

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