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This is the new universal kit, created by demand from all EV owners to have a rooftop solar system.  This kit uses a universal mounting system that secures itself to any set of roof racks and charges up an auxillery battery inside the vehicle so you can charge anywhere.  The top panel even picks up solar while you drive, for distribution afterwards.  Total wattage is around 1100 watts. Roof rack required for installation; sold separately.

Universal Kit - Any EV

SKU: 420695
$9,000.00 Regular Price
$4,950.00Sale Price
Expected to ship in 2024
  • We are unable to offer any returns/refunds on this kit. Purchasing this item only guarantees you first batch order for delivery once/if production commences.

  • This is a pre-order purchase; contingent on the company's ability to make it to production. Updates will be sent to customers as the technology progresses.

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